leagues above all else on the market… Do it, you will never look back!

You may think you might want a standard plastic hot tub until to try one of these. You just can not compare the gorgeous smell of the wood, it's gentle bouancy, the room to move freely around, the clarity of the crisp white bubbles against the rich wood, sheer luxury, it's like an escape into paradise, a little piece of calm in a hectic life, any stress just melts away. There is no chance that these are fad you will get bored of. They work beautifully on a cloudy dull afternoon, in glorious sunshine, even in rainstorms but in our opinion it is simply stunning in the snow. It's a well needed piece of the great outdoors in any season. Just amazing! Of course our friends and family, particularly our 2 children, thoroughly enjoy using the hot tub. (Its a great family time activity even with a few plastic ducks and a couple of water pistols thrown in). I have zero hesitation in recommending both the product and Mike and his team. Do it, you will never look back! Danni, Tim and our very happy Children – Wakefield Aug. 2015