About Cedar Wood

In a world where the environment deteriorates relentlessly with the manufacture and disposal of plastics and synthetics, and where oil is becoming a scarcer commodity, it’s refreshing to be able to offer a natural product from sustainable sources. Even at the end of their working life, after decades, our tubs and saunas present no threat to the environment when they are disposed of – not something that can be said of acrylic spas.

We have heard of cedar wood tubs in the US and Canada lasting up to 25 years so it is not an imminent consideration when purchasing one of our tubs, more one for the conscience perhaps.

The only plastics is in the plumbing

Cedar, although light in weight, is one of nature’s most durable timbers. Its fibres contain a compound called thujaplicin, a natural preservative that is toxic to decay-causing insects and fungi. It is these compounds that give the wood the distinct but subtle aroma, so pleasantly noticeable when wet. Fallen cedar trees in forests will last many decades before decaying fully.

Because it is straight grained and uniformly textured, cedar is less likely to warp and twist than other woods, especially so as we only select knot-free heart wood.

The low density coupled with millions of tiny air spaces makes cedar an unrivalled insulator. For those in the know, its R value is 1.35 per inch of thickness and it has a thermal conductivity factor K of 0.74 BTU in/ft2hF, far superior to stone, concrete and brick. This is extremely important in keeping running costs to a minimum.

It is because of these excellent properties that cedar has been used for centuries to make shingles for houses, window frames, boats and canoes, poles and posts. It can even be used to make rope and clothing and has medicinal powers also.

British Colombians deem the cedar tree (Thuja Plicata) to be so special, that they have made it their Official National Tree, and call it ……

the tree of life


Each wooden hot tub is crafted from the finest, clear heart, vertical grain western red cedar wood. The staves are precision milled and the thickest available. This extra thickness gives our hot tubs more insulating value and a longer lifespan than the thinner wooden hot tub on the market.
We have different model hot tub dependent on your requirements.

Featuring a powerful 40kw external wood burning stove, it gives you the option to use electric and or wood-fire to heat your hot tub; available as an optional extra. For further details on the dual-fuel please contact us.

Plunge Pool with optional filtration pack
Bespoke Hot tubs, Please Contact us to discuss your needs.
Cedar Wood Sauna